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To launch its new perfume, “La Petite Robe noire”, Guerlain has set up, for a few months only, a pop-up store next door to its flagship outlet at 68, avenue des Champs-Elysées. But the little shop has nothing to do with the stalls featuring derivative products.

With its olfactive and photographic workshops, the pop-up store is designed to be more fun and interactive than its traditional equivalent. The store features the imagery developed by the visual artists Kuntzel+Deygas to promote “La Petite Robe noire”, plus a series of artistic works reinterpreting certain of the brand’s codes that evoke emotional connection and a very casual introduction to the brand for the customer.

The temporary store will say its goodbyes in November this year to allow work to begin on extensions to the flagship store, in 2013.

Not to be missed as long as it lasts!

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Pop-up stores can be good examples for branded retail environments. They are erected to feature a brand or a launch of a product so the environment is ideally tailored to that need.

Here is an excessive example of such concept:
For those of you who are nearby do not miss to stop at Selfridges Oxford Street in London before October 19th. Louis Vouitton installed an absolutely over-the-top pop-up space in celebration of the launch of their new collection featuring Japanese artist Yayoy Kusama, who became famous in the 60s with her polka dot paintings and organic sculptures derived from obsessive responses to psychedelic drug experiences.
By defining a whole space with her paint subjects, they created a 3 dimensional version of Kusama’s paintings allowing visitors to experience the intensity of the artist’s obsession with polka dots and organic shapes to its fullest. – Definitely a memorable experience!


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